iBOSS Digital Xcelerator Delivers Planning Acceleration

Action Plans that Deliver Results

iBOSS, Inc. helps founders accelerate their business planning and capital campaign results by improving the flow of information, process management, and implementation strategies.

Lorette Farris, Founder & CEO, with over 30 years of seasoning from corporate management to owner-operator, shares her comprehensive knowledge of what it takes to attract investors,  lenders and advisors. 

Lorette's extensive management capabilities coupled with her commitment to back-office solutions ensures clients capital campaigns receive accelerated results while minimizing costs through effective business process management.

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Use this quick survey to assess if an Action Plan can help move the development of your businesses document stack for capital campaigns.  

In the Digital XceleratorTM, we provide comprehensive Action Plans driven by automated self-paced tasks supported by coach-guided execution sessions on an as-needed basis. Action Plan cover:

    • Business Plan Development
    • Funding Document Stack
    • Content & Database Development
    • Funnel Management
    • Capital Campaigns

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Updated 10/14/2021

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