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Lorette Farris is Seasoned to Serve a niche market of Business Leaders. Those interested in how the new capital market has shaped:

  *  Access to Capital for Main St Businesses, and
  *  Investment Opportunities for Small Investors

Through the Inspire Seed Fund, Lorette facilitates Mastermind Groups to teach best practices in raising capital for and investing in Main St businesses.

Working with the Fund's Portfolio Companies, Mastermind Members share, suggest and support each other and their respective campaigns.

The Mastermind groups are mostly comprised of Portfolio Companies of the Inspire Seed Fund, however interested parties may apply. 

  Inspire Mastermind            Groups (IMG)

The IMG mission is to help democratize how capital is pooled and accessed in our community, as we support each member through executive level brainstorming, team work on mock cases, coop marketing where sensible, and supporting others along the journey.

Select members are seasoned business leaders managing capital issues from business startup through pivot points and breakthrough cases. They are:

     Mastermind Group Members

      • Aspiring to raise capital, 
      • Currently raising capital, 
      • Has raised capital, and 
      • Looking to invest capital. 
     Mastermind Group Meetings
      • 2-Hour Monthly and 1-Hour Weekly Virtual Meetings Over 12 Months
      • Mock Capital Campaign and Investing Opportunity Programming
      • Peer-Assisted Board-Like Decision Making and Accountability Sessions
      • Focus Groups to Assess Product, Service and Campaign Launches

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Wall St - Main St Mastermind

The Capital Democratization Movement

A cohort of founders currently or planning to launch a self-directed campaign to raise capital. Working as colleagues vs competitors as we vie for capital through many of the same networks.

*  Campaign Working Sessions

*  Team Mock Challenges

*  Offering Structure Exercises

*  One-Source for Good Deal-Flow

*  Virtual Pitch/Demo Practices Days

 Investment Clubs Mastermind

"It Takes A Village to Raise a" Family / Business / Community

Raising capital is only one side of the equation. Investing in highly speculative investments is another. The Investment Club looks to create Ambassadors interested in investing locally.

*  Team Investing Structures  

*  Mock Investment Challenges

*  Sourcing Local Deals and Projects

*  "Vetting" Projects and Investments 

*  Managing Investor Expectations 



Featured Portfolio Companies

The lifecycle of a business from concept to maturity is a journey filled with many highs, which generally follow gut-wrenching lows; with insufficient capital resources being a big part of the challenge.  

I am "Seasoned to Serve," and through the Inspire Seed Fund, I use my experience to help build strong foundations while fostering capital democratization as a:

     *  Seasoned Corporate Advisor

     *  Lead Investor / Syndicate Manager

     *  C-Suite Mastermind Group Facilitator

Creating "Community Angels" to invest in communities and projects they understand - similar to how capital flows from today's angel and venture Investors into founders in their network.

Meet the Fund's Portfolio Companies, a fierce cohort of business founders and leaders looking to change what "Access to Capital" really means.

Get to know our Portfolio Companies through  a review of their Overview or Pitch Deck.

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Overviews & Pitch Decks

Featured Members

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Inspire Seed Fund

Portfolio Companies are startup and early-stage businesses that Lorette has made an investment on behalf of the Inspire Seed Fund.

  Direct & Indirect Investments

• Time or Sweat-Equity

• Discounted Business Services

• Capital Infusion

  Expectations of Participant

• Equity Ownership Percentage

• A Board Seat

• Mastermind Group Participation

Portfolio companies learn to pay-it-forward, strengthening the movement and investing in others along the way - true social impact!

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