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The Forms Library provides both review-only and live documents.

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Securities authorities and agencies (Federal, State and self-regulatory) dictate who can invest in corporate offerings, how much they can invest, and under what circumstances. These forms incorporate much of the standard Q&A needed to help a Company engage compliantly with potential investors. "Know Your Investor" starts by understanding if one is deemed an "Accredited" or "Non-Accredited" Investor.

As such, the Inspire Seed Fund makes information about it's Portfolio Companies available to Members in accordance with the following Member Registration status.  Please update your Member Profile as appropriate:

    • Registered Members - Access to Limited Portfolio Company Details
    • Non-Accredited Members - Access to Full Company Details Suitable for Non-Accredited Investors
    • Accredited Members - Access to Full Company Details for All Portfolio Companies

Investor Compliance

Investor Pre-Qualification Questionnaire


Investor Profile Questionnaire


Non-Accredited Investor Statement