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Mastermind groups, roundtables, circles, tribes, peer coaching groups, etc. are fantastic vehicles for driving better results for your endeavors. The purpose of the mastermind group is to coordinate “knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people for the attainment of a definite purpose.” That is Napoleon Hill’s guiding definition of a mastermind group.

The Inspire Seed Fund is managed by Lorette Farris. It's Portfolio Companies and Mastermind Group Members are steeped in the capital democratization movement. In this new capital market, founders have more options to raise capital; then use  that knowledge to pay it forward. Creating syndicates, clubs or other pools of capital to invest in others.

Inspire Mastermind Groups

The Inspire Mastermind Groups (IMG) are virtual goal-driven cohorts centered around:

     *  Specific Deliverables for

Companies Raising Capital Directly

Leaders Seeking to Invest Locally

     *  Respect for Busy Leaders Time

Centralized Capital Campaign Resources

Minimum 6 Hours per Month Commitment

The work begins from your written plan based on the type of capital or investment you seek. That Plan of Action becomes the basis by which your Mastermind Team Members work to support you.

The Plan converts into the goals and milestones your "Board of Peers" hold you accountable to.

Meetings are weekly, virtual and accomplished via a private platform:

     *  2-Hours 1x per Month for the Full Membership

     *  1-Hour per Week for Team Assignments 

     *  Optional 2 Hours per Month for Focus Groups

Member Benefits

The benefits of Mastermind Group membership has be documented endlessly. IMG adds the following to those attributes:

  • Board of Peers
  • Focus Groups
  • Demo / Pitch Events
  • Exposure to Capital
  • Opportunities to Invest
  • New Capital Market Strategies