Wall St - Main St Mastermind Kickoff

  • July 01, 2021
  • 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Virtual Conference



JOIN the Wall St - Main St Mastermind Kickoff

Join a cohort of founders and leaders shifting the paradigm of business capitalization and small-dollar investing. Learn how Capital Democratization puts each of us in control of how we find financing or decide to invest.

What You Will Master 

  • Using SAAS - Technology that has changed how capital is managed
  • Know Your Options - Exemptions for private and public capital raises
  • Embrace the Opportunities - Open access to invest in private concerns

Why Wall St - Main St Mastermind

A safe space for self-issuers (a legal entity that develops, registers, and sells securities for the purpose of financing its operations) to learn the process used on Wall St to successfully raise capital on Main Street,

  • Review Self-Directed Case Studies "From Then to Now" 
  • Develop a Case to Capitalize the Lifecycle of Your Business
  • Explore the Use of Special Purpose Vehicles and Investor Clubs
  • Model "Build to Your Exit" Transition Strategies

Who is Wall St - Main St Mastermind for?

  • Teams Currently Managing Self-Directed Capital Campaigns
  • Teams within 6 Months of Launching a Self-Directed Capital Campaign 
  • Teams within 24 Months of Completing a Self-Directed Capital Campaign

JOIN the Wall St - Main St Mastermind Kickoff
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